8 Things Not to Say When Buying a House!

In today’s home buying tips video you’ll learn 8 things not to say when buying a house!

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It probably goes without saying but buying a house is a big deal. Once you’ve decide when buying a house makes sense for your situation you should know the truth about home buying mistakes to avoid.

Here’s a list of what not to say when buying a house and some of the biggest common home buying mistakes people make when their hunting for their new home.

1. This my dream house!
a. Generally, an excited first time home buyer will very happily
make tell a seller this and while it seems innocent enough, your
new place could cost you $$$$. Best to keep this comment to
yourself and your buyer’s agent.

2. Your furniture sucks!
a. lol… Seriously, this happens every day across our great
country! Talk about huge real estate mistakes! So what if the
seller’s furnishings are hideous in your assessment… Don’t
share it unless you want a difficult negotiation that won’t go in
your favor.

3. I can afford to pay…
a. Telling the listing agent or seller how much you can pay for
their home opens you up for the seller wanting more money
from you in a many cases. Stick to the home buying advice in
this video and steer clear of this one.

4. I’m looking forward to getting rid of that!
a. Telling a seller what you wan to do to their house. Yes, their
house… Remember, they currently own it and even if your offer
is accepted, telling a seller about your plans to change things
could cause offense and strain negotiations.

5. Why are you selling?
a. Seems like an innocent question, right? Here’s the deal,
asking someone you don’t know about why they want to sell will
instantly put the other person on the defensive! When buying a
home it’s best not to ask this question. Ask your buyer’s agent
to see if they can find out. That’s one of the many reason he/
she is there for you!

6. So, what’s it really like to live here?
a. This is another question that will put a seller on the defense
and like produce anxiety. Why? Because it’s loaded question
since it’s so subjective. What their idea and your idea of what
it’s like to live in any place is likely very different.

7. Your price is too high and you’ll never get it!
a. Staring to see the home buying trends here? A little common
sense with some simply human courtesy and respect will go
along ways to help you secure your new dream home. Saying
this to a seller will destroy any good will that may otherwise
have been part of the negotiation strategy especially if you are
asking for seller concessions.

8. I’ll make a low-ball offer if you accept.
a. LOL! Yeah, ok… Would you accept a low ball offer if you were
selling a home? Probably not, right!? Don’t delude yourself into
thinking anyone is going under market value relative to the
property condition in any market.

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